The project with the European Nuclear Mobility Fund

ENEN Plus Announcement of Project Prolongation until September 2021 and Instructions regarding Grants. 

The EC has approved the extension of the ENEN Plus Project from September 30th 2020 to September 30th 2021. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic obliged many events that were planned to take place in the recent previous months to be postponed or cancelled, including several events for which grants were approved and paid from the ENEN Plus initiative. During that time, instructions were published and distributed as to how to proceed in such cases, namely returning the grants to ENEN until further notice which would depend fundamentally on the approval of the ENEN Plus Project extension in time.

With the confirmation of the extension up to September 2021, an updated set of instructions is now distributed depending on the possible situations approved candidates of ENEN Plus grants might find themselves in. It is reminded that ENEN Plus Grants are approved and granted for particular mobility actions for each case, and can therefore only be used for such approved actions.

For persons who already received the grant or the confirmation that the action they applied for qualifies for receiving a grant and if the action was postponed to a later date, the corresponding period to communicate your intentions to ENEN, in the applicable cases, will be open until  November 30, 2020. Please note that grants require cross-border mobility and can therefore not support access to virtual classes or similar.

ENEN+ mobility and the COVID19.

We are aware that many of the already approved ENEN+ mobility actions, for which the applicants have already received the mobility grants, have been cancelled or made impossible due the outbreak of the COVID19 disease.

If your activity has been cancelled or delayed, please:

  • Immediately stop further purchases.
  • Return the already received grant to the account of ENEN;
  • Inform us about the specifics of your case without delay to the email including all the data below:
  • Your name and email;
  • Your application number in the application system;
  • If you have already paid some items related to the actions and were not successful in getting those refunded, please
    • return the remaining grant and provide the brief explanation of the numbers in your email.
    • scans of all receipts (flight, accommodation, course fees) that you were not able to get refunded;
    • a proof, that your service providers refused your claim for refund (emails, scanned letters, etc.)
    • If you are unable to provide this documentation, you may be held liable to return entire mobility grant to the ENEN, as in such case ENEN will in your case not be able to claim the “force majeure” towards the EC.

If your activity was postponed to a later time, please add the announcement of the organizer. In the case that you will be able to complete your activity before Sept 30, 2020, or perhaps before a later date to be negotiated between ENEN and the EC, you will be eligible for the same grant without a new application.

Please follow the announcements in the and for possible further changes or developments related to COVID19.

Dear applicants for ENEN +  mobility support,

We are very happy to announce that the ENEN+ mobility fund of roughly 1,000,000 EUR has in the last two years supported more than 600 young nuclear talents to accumulate together more than 60 person-years of mobility.

Unfortunately, the mobility fund kindly provided by the European Commission has been depleted. We are working on new sources for the mobility funds. There are some opportunities but we could not yet secure a continuation.  Consequently, we are not any more in the position to accept new applications. We will definitely let you know when the situation will change. 

We appreciate your understanding.


The ENEN+ project aims to substantially contribute to the revival of the interest of young generations in the careers in the nuclear sector. This is to be achieved by pursuing the following main objectives:

  • Attract new talents to careers in nuclear.
  • Develop the attracted talents beyond academic curricula.
  • Increase the retention of attracted talents in nuclear careers.
  • Involve the nuclear stakeholders within EU and beyond.
  • Sustain the revived interest for nuclear careers.

The ENEN+ consortium will focus on the learners and careers in the following nuclear disciplines:

  • Nuclear reactor engineering and safety,
  • Waste management and geological disposal,
  • Radiation protection and
  • Medical applications.

Integration of further nuclear disciplines (e.g., nuclear chemistry, decommissioning, fusion engineering…) and sustainability of the ENEN+ accomplishments beyond the project life of is foreseen within the existing ENEN Association and its members and partnering of ENEN association with existing ongoing and future projects.

The attraction, retention and development of the new nuclear talent can only be sustained beyond the project life through strong partnership of all nuclear stakeholders. Involvement of various nuclear stakeholders including academia, industry, international organisations and Technical support organisations is therefore of primary importance for the success and sustainability of the proposed activities also beyond the life of the project.

Call for grants

A mobility fund of more than 1.000.000 EUR for European students researchers and learners is offered in the project.

This project receives funding from the EURATOM Research and Training programme H2020, for 3 years under grant agreement N° 755576.